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Cayne G


Cayne was born in Colorado in 1986. He has three biological siblings and was raised by his parents. His father was often overseas, which left Cayne to be the next man of the house. It was up to him to look after his mom and his three sisters whenever his dad would need to leave for work. Cayne also found himself drawn to the flashy-ness and rawness of some of his influencers and the neighborhood he grew up in. From a young age he wanted to emulate them and saw rapping as a way to channel his experiences growing up and making his own way.

Some of his main influences growing up were NWA, Master P, C Bo, Brotha Lynch, C Murder, and Snoop Dog. For Cayne, these artists were able to capture the voice of experience that he could connect with. However, today Cayne is hyper aware about the dangers that can come when you’re rapping and creating art that is about your life. Cayne summarizes that as a rapper, you have to be careful about the attention you get, because some times the fame can bring some unwanted notice and can even put you in serious situations. He re-calls one of his favorite artists, C Murder, having his associations and cultivated artist image used against him in court in order to convict him. Cayne is aware that the justice system tends to unfairly use these factors to convict rappers, which has historically affected his community more so. For this reason, Cayne finds inspiration wherever he can and does not put all of his business out there. He ties in anything and everything that inspires him, from his own experiences growing up witnessing a struggling community, friends and family, to simply hanging out with his friends on a bright sunny Colorado day.

Cayne G tries to make all of his music slap. He wants his music to be felt and not just heard. He collaborates with multiple artists around the Denver area and warns any younger artists out there that being a rapper requires focus, dedication, and determination. Amidst the shine, glamor, and fame that could come with being a rap artist, Cayne wants people to know that you don’t get there without some blood, sweat, and likely some more blood and sweat; lots of work to be exact. Cayne treats his art like a career putting in countless hours of song writing, collaborating, producing, and every thing else that goes into creating an album.

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